Furniture and its Accessories ("Products") Delivery and Returns

1. Delivery

  • Where the purchase value or invoice value of the product is less than 100 KD. and/or the place of delivery is beyond the jurisdiction of City Municipality or Town Municipality of the respective Maknoon Co. Store, Customer shall pay the transportation and delivery charges as specified by Maknoon Co.
  • Delivery shall mean the delivery of the product at ground level up to the main entrance of the customer address provided in the invoice or at Maknoon Stores (depend on the product).
  • During the time of billing, delivery Date shall be communicated by sending an SMS to the registered mobile number mentioned on the invoice/bill.
  • Customer acknowledges that there shall not be any telecommunications regarding the delivery of the Product from Maknoon Co.
  • Where Customer desires to re-schedule the delivery date or communicate the change in delivery location, Customer may, intimate Maknoon Co. at least three business days prior to the date of delivery communicated vide SMS.
  • However, acceptance of such re-schedule request or change in delivery location shall be at the sole discretion of the Maknoon Co. They shall be subject to availability of the delivery slots and distance and the terms herein.
  • Customer shall provide the copy of the identity proof (state or central government-issued) and invoice/ bill at the time of taking delivery of the Products.
  • Maknoon Co. delivery team shall not dismantle, move or do any kind of modification to any existing furniture or other items at Customer's residence or delivery location.
  • Customer shall ensure that there are no hindrances/ obstacles from any person/authority, whosoever, at the time of delivery and Maknoon Co. team is allowed to access and use service elevators or other facilities in connection with the delivery of Products at Customer's delivery location.
  • Customer undertakes to inform Maknoon Co. about non-availability of elevator or any other factor including society/apartment rules, by-laws etc. that may cause hinder or causes obstacle in the delivery of the Products, prior purchasing the Product or billing/­ invoice and also agrees to pay such additional delivery and or labour charges as determined by Maknoon Co.
  • While all care shall be taken by Maknoon Co. in transporting the Products safely, however, Maknoon Co. does not take any responsibility or liability for any damage to the building or any structure at Customer's delivery location
  • The delivery of the product to customer location shall be subject force majeure events, normal transit wear and tear and act beyond the control of Maknoon Co. including traffic, breakdown of vehicle etc. and in such case Maknoon Co. shall inform the Customer and re-schedule the delivery as per availability of slot & date.
  • As per Maknoon Co. 's Policy, Customer shall not reward or gratify the Maknoon Co. 's delivery and assembling team.
  • Customer shall ensure that the mobile number given in the invoice is reachable for the Maknoon Co. delivery team to contact for delivery of the Products.
  • Customer shall make himself available to take the delivery of the Products on the scheduled delivery date. In case the Customer does not accept the delivery or is not available on the agreed date of delivery, subsequent delivery shall be on a chargeable basis and subject to the term herein. The charges will be as per the rate card informed by Maknoon Co.

2. Exchange and Refund

  • Maknoon Co. may at its sole option exchange the Products, provided the same is returned within 30 days from the date of purchase/invoice, Customer submits the original invoice/receipt and is in the original packing, unused and saleable condition. Regard­ less the forgoing, Products that are unpacked and or installed /affixed shall not be exchanged once the same is sold. If Maknoon Co. agrees for an exchange of the product, then the credit note shall be issued deducting the delivery charges.
  • Payment shall not be refunded except in the case where Maknoon Co. is unable to repair or replace the defective Products.
  • Refunds (if any) shall be, either, made through cheque or in the form of credit note equivalent to the invoiced value of the Products, after deducting all offer value.
  • All refund shall be made through cheque or credit note will be issued within 30 days from the date of the confirmation by Maknoon Co.; or where the refund is in the form of the Credit note. No duplicate Credit Note will be issued, if the Original is lost or mutilated or expired.
  • Customer shall not be eligible for any exchange /refund for the Products purchased on 'as is where is' basis or store display Products.
  • Where applicable, refunds if any, shall be subject to agreement between the Customer and financer, if any.